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Make Real Money Online (MMO) - Golden Farm. Elven Gold, MonkyTalk

Sounds so easy. Click a few buttons, sign up and wait for the money to roll in....

You’ve heard the saying “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, well pretty much the same with Making Real Money Online, “There’s no such thing as free money”, WRONG, there is but its not as simple as a few clicks and a sign up.

It takes some time so will vary for everyone, depending on their daily commitments. How ever little or much spare time is available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, the good news is, opportunities exist to make money online.

I have spent too many hours working the web for these opportunities, become a victim of too many scams, but finally found a few which may interest those seeking to make a little extra real money online as I did, which if used properly will start bringing you in that extra money.

I now spend on average an hour a day and earn enough additional income to enjoy some of those luxuries in life we all dream about. I’m not talking about the mansion, yacht or top of the range car, I’m being realistic and with the help of the following online sites its been nice for a few extra holidays, socializing more often, treating myself whilst shopping without having to worry about the bank balance. This could also be you!

My searching ended up with the following sites, where Making Money Online is possible.

Opened up extra opportunities for me with the extra income i receive.
For more details and things to be aware of, go here.

(Please read this information before visiting the Golden-Farm site.
I don’t want bad feed back for my material) Profit every 10 minutes! banner
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Elven Gold

Same idea as Golden Bird and another opportunity to increase how much money you make online especially if running both at the same time.
For more details and things to be aware of, click here.

(Please read this information before visiting the Elven Gold site.
I don’t want bad feed back for my material)


Elven Gold link


Is a social and economic experiment... A none corporate social media platform with its own digital gold economy!  We give the power to you The People Of The World to run and profit from it. Get paid for your input, photos unlike other social networks out there. Another free one to join giving you your signup Bonus - Free $50.00 Advertising Voucher which can then be used towards advertising your web site or products on the MonkyTalk Ad Network.  See Referral page for easy ways to increase your online income even more using MonkyTalk,. For more details click here.

(Please read this information before visiting the Elven Gold site.
I don’t want bad feed back for my material)

MonkyTalk Crypto currency

Lucky Day”  This one is only available for your smart phone / iphone unless your running Bluestacks on your PC but is more for fun and the opportunity of being lucky and winning the Jackpot, scratch cards or playing Pontoon. Extra stuff available to increase your reward points. Everything is free but real money is available. Minimum withdrawal amount is $10.
Good luck remember to use the Lucky Code: G520984 when signing up.

lucky day Free money

NeoBux and Ojooo :

Earn real money by viewing advertisements! Also a great cheap way to advertise your web / referral links.


Just with these few Make Money Online web sites. you too can start enjoying a little extra happiness in life. Don’t click away yet though, There’s more info on how to get referrals at little or no cost in MoneyMaker, MonkyTalk and Click HERE to read more details.

Additional options will be added to this site over time,
so if you know of any good ones, let us all know in the feedback forum.
Any scammers out there, you will be named and shamed.
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