Recipe: Appetizing Chicken fatteh 🐔

Chicken fatteh 🐔. Lebanese Chicken Fatteh includes chickpeas, toasted pita bread (I toss it with some olive oil, thyme, salt and pepper), shredded chicken (cooked with mediterranean spices), toasted pine nuts (or. Watch this video to learn How to Make an authentic Lebanese Chicken Fatteh recipe - This authentic Lebanese Chicken Fatteh is an amazing combo of flavors. Chicken fatteh is a Damascene favourite.

Chicken fatteh 🐔 Chicken fatteh is a decadent dish that is traditionally cooked during Ramadan for a feast. This particular version is my friend Fadia's recipe. She is a fabulous woman who lives in a stunning. You can have Chicken fatteh 🐔 using 5 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chicken fatteh 🐔

  1. It's 1 piece of chicken (here I use only the breast because only one person).
  2. You need 3 tbsp of yoghurt.
  3. It's 1 of garlic clove.
  4. You need 1 slice of bread.
  5. You need as needed of olive oil.

Chicken Fatteh - The word Fatteh generally refers to any meal that contains pieces of fried or Some examples are Hummus Fatteh, Eggplant Fatteh, and chicken Fatteh, which is our recipe. Flavorful chicken, fragrant yellow rice and crispy toasted bread Fatteh is a class of Middle Eastern dishes consisting of toasted bread, rice and some sort of meat or. Lebanese Chicken Fatteh a complete meal and a presentable dish. In frying pan,add olive oil and fry marinated chicken fillets.

Chicken fatteh 🐔 step by step

  1. Cut ✂️ the bread 🍞 in small square pieces. Bake with olive oil until golden..
  2. Cook and shred the chicken, remove skin and bones. Put the shredded chicken on the top of the baked bread. Mince garlic and mix with the yoghurt. Pour this mix on top of the chicken. And it will be a very delicious plate 🥰.

African recipe Egyptian Chicken Fatteh, the word fatteh means "to crumble" in Arabic. Fattah is traditionally served with lamb, but chicken can be used in this easy delicious Egyptian casserole. We would love to hear your feedback and comments regarding this recipe. You too can make the pita-topped creation that combines layers of chickpeas, meat. This authentic Lebanese Chicken Fatteh is an amazing combo of flavors made with yogurt, spiced shredded chicken, chickpeas, toasted pine nuts & pita bread!

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