Easiest Way to Make Tasty Pizza pasta bake

Pizza pasta bake. I, on the hand hand, need to get them done the minute they hit the sink. But with this - you'll only find one dirty pot in the sink. And it's the easiest pizza I have ever made.

Pizza pasta bake This versatile one-dish pasta bake uses your favorite pizza ingredients like bell pepper, sausage, pepperoni, and olives--and you can use your family's favorite pasta shapes. This is a fabulous twist on an old time favourite, the humble pizza. In baking dish, mix pasta and pizza sauce. You can have Pizza pasta bake using 1 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Pizza pasta bake

  1. You need of Pizza pasta bake.

Add sausage-vegetable mixture, olives, mushrooms and basil; toss until well combined. This cheesy pizza pasta bake is my go-to meal when I can't decide between pizza and pasta. Normally, I find myself craving those types of dishes because they're comforting and warm - perfect. Then this Supreme Pizza Pasta Bake is for you!

Pizza pasta bake instructions

  1. 1 lbs cooked hamburger (drain any grease) 1 box pasta 1 or 2 jars pasta sauce 1 or 1 1/2 pasta jar of water to cover the pasta must be covered use more or less water Pepperoni 1 can of mushrooms drained Mozzarella cheese And any other pizza toppings you like.
  2. If using fresh vegetables sauté them with some Olive oil first or with the hamburger meat. pressure cook for 01 mins quick release. Add in pepperoni, mushrooms, cheese, mix Top with pepperoni, cheese bake for 10 mins or until cheese has melted..
  3. For instant pot - bake in the oven.

This easy pasta recipe is perfect for weeknight meals and potlucks. Customize by adding in your own favorite pizza toppings! Pizza Pasta Bake is one of the all-time dinner winners just like any family casserole recipes. It is packed with amazing pizza toppings that we all love. You feel like you're having pizza in each bite.

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