Easiest Way to Make Perfect Instant pot - Cold starter yogurt

Instant pot - Cold starter yogurt. Instant Pot Ultra Filtered Yogurt or Instant Pot Cold Start Yogurt (No Boil Yogurt) Method makes Thick & Creamy Smooth Homemade Yogurt. One of the most amazing features of the Instant Pot Multicooker is how easy you can make Homemade Yogurt! This Cold Start Instant Pot Greek Yogurt Recipe is an easy and budget-friendly choice for a healthy Instant Pot recipe for breakfast.

Instant pot - Cold starter yogurt You skip the whole first step of heating the milk, then Use yogurt with live cultures. Use greek yogurt as your starter. Since extra whey has been drained out, it has more live cultures per tablespoon. You can have Instant pot - Cold starter yogurt using 2 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Instant pot - Cold starter yogurt

  1. It's 52 fl oz of Ultra-filtered milk * 2.
  2. Prepare 8 oz of yogurt/culture.

Cast of Ingredients for Instant Pot Cold Start Yogurt. Sometimes you are in a hurry and just want some quick and healthy Instant Pot Yogurt for Any yogurt that has only milk and live active cultures, can be used as the Yogurt Starter. After the first time making this Instant Pot Cold Start Yogurt. The easiest way to do this is to use yogurt.

Instant pot - Cold starter yogurt instructions

  1. In a 6qt Instant Pot dunk in both the bottles of milk..
  2. Mix in the whole of yogurt. Ensure that you have a clean and fresh lid, seal and insert pot or you could end up with yogurt smelling like the gravy you previously cooked before! 😅.
  3. Now close the IP lid. I have an Ultra model. Now, in ultra, go to Yogurt mode, set in a time about 8 hours and custom the dial to read a 110°F in the screen. Then press start..
  4. For other models, press the yogurt button and set it to normal for 8 hours or more..
  5. Once done, open the lid and transfer to the fridge. Cool it at least for 4 hours to get the perfect yogurt..
  6. Note: Milk used here is ultra-filtered. This is why it is not boiled. This is cold starter method. For other milks, kindly boil milk to a 180°F, cool it to 110°F or room temperature. Then you can continue to pour that milk in IP and follow the remaining steps..

It is the same idea as a sourdough bread starter. It may sound counter intuitive, but you need those cultures to make your own cold start yogurt. Not only is it easy—it'll add a new spark to your love affair with yogurt! Just press the right buttons, give it a peek now and then, and in A yogurt starter. The pasteurized dairy milk of your choice.

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