Recipe: Delicious Dreka's not so famous apple crisp pie

Dreka's not so famous apple crisp pie. Line a pie pan with half of the prepared dough, fill with the apple mixture, and top with another layer of dough. My mom's famous apple crisp recipe is loaded with baked sliced apples and a crispy oat based topping that you'll love! So much so that I forgo the traditional pie situation every holiday season and break out the apple crisp and pile it high with ice cream.

Dreka's  not so famous apple crisp pie To Light, Ryuk is eating the apple.) I made this apple pie for our church's homecoming and it was a sure hit! Really like an apple pie and an apple crisp in one dessert! Making scratch-made apple crisp is easier than you think with this easy recipe. You can cook Dreka's not so famous apple crisp pie using 8 ingredients and 18 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Dreka's not so famous apple crisp pie

  1. It's 5 tsp of Cinnamon & sugar mix.
  2. Prepare 1 each of Deep dish pie shell.
  3. You need 1 tsp of Imitation vanilla flavor.
  4. You need 1 tsp of Self rising flour.
  5. It's 1 pinch of Salt.
  6. Prepare 1 1/2 cup of Vegetable oil spread.
  7. Prepare 4 cup of Peeled & sliced apples.
  8. It's 3 tsp of Light brown sugar.

Chunks of apple get tossed with cinnamon, sugar and a little flour to help create the right texture, then topped with a simple streusel mixture. Simply bake until golden on top and bubbly inside. With apple season in full swing, I decided to finally try an apple pie Saigon cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg are the keys to making this the best homemade apple pie around. Pie is such a perfect, happy marriage of flavors and textures: sweet, tart, or creamy filling layered over a rich, flaky crust.

Dreka's not so famous apple crisp pie step by step

  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Get bowl of cold water.
  3. Slice and peel apples.
  4. Place apples in water until finished cutting.
  5. Drain water from apples.
  6. Add cinnamon & sugar.
  7. Mix until the apples are covered by the cinnamon & sugar.
  8. Pour in pie shell.
  9. In a clean bowl empty 4 packets of instant oatmeal into bowl.
  10. Add stick of vegetable oil spead.
  11. Melt in microwave about a minute depending if frozen or not.
  12. Add flour.
  13. Light brown sugar.
  14. Imitation vanilla flavor.
  15. Mix all together until a paste like batter form.
  16. Sprinkle over apples thats in the pie shell.
  17. Place filled pie shell on cookie sheet.
  18. Bake for 45 minutes.

Keeping the crust from getting soggy and mushy, however, is a key Here are a few things that can be done to ensure that the crust you worked so hard to make bakes up nice and crisp. Apple Crisp Without Oats, with a streusel topping that's easy and quick to prepare and full of flavors from brown sugar and cinnamon. This Apple Crisp Without Oats recipe is so simple you can make it for a quick dessert even during a busy week. I peel the apples then chop them right into a buttered. Apple Crisp is a sumptuous recipe for either breakfast or dinner!

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